Noma is a restaurant in the city of Copenhagen. It focuses on foods that are specific to the region, Northern Europe. The restaurant has won numerous awards, and it is praised by journalists from around the world. It’s also reported to be at the end of its life. And not because it’s not making money. Business is still good, the future still looks bright, and the awards are still flowing in. The reason for the termination has everything to do with Noma’s co-owner and head chef, René Redzepi. He began a revolution in the Scandinavian kitchen and he wants to continue revolutionizing this kitchen. A revolution always means changing everything.

In the documentary Noma: My Perfect Storm, we see Redzepi hard at work. He is very passionate about food, and the nature of the human body and its senses. He has a culinary philosophy that’s at once simple and profound. We do not just eat food, we also eat the seasons. Of course the film’s cinematography does its best to capture the beauty of Redzepi’s dishes. The images are so stunning, it’s hard to believe they are objects you put in your mouth and destroy. These objects were meant for eternity.

But here is the most important thing you will learn about Redzepi: His father is an immigrant and a Muslim. And so the most praised chef in Northern Europe is not blonde and blue-eyed. He is the son of an immigrant who worships Allah. This should make you stop and think very deeply about the immigration crisis in Europe. recommended