Yeah this episode was pretty much the worst ever and I pretty much think the last 4 seasons and the second movie are all really bad. All I kept thinking was "really, Chris Carter, this is where you choose to go with only 6 episodes?" Was it necessary to involve Muslim terrorists and a racist, murderous nurse? UGH. And the two young ones? A total waste of Lauren Ambrose's talents. Definitely no need for the tripping Mulder scene either (did they feel they had to compete with Duchovny's tripping scene from his other TV show, Aquarius)? Definitely no need to see Mulder with his shirt off. I kind of like that song, though. I belong to you, you belong to me... It's perfect for all the 'shippers out there. And Mulder and Scully still have excellent chemistry. Best thing about this episode though was Scully saying "Only the FBI's most unwanted!" followed by, "I've been waiting 23 years to say that." :)
Yep. Everything xina just said. I concur.
Setting it in Texas pretty much ensured the result.
Huh. I enjoyed the episode (although I could have done without the flaming people). I was disappointed that the two Muslims did blow up the building. I was hoping that they were innocent and X-Files style investigating would reveal another culprit, maybe something more creepy and supernatural. An opportunity lost. But even a sub-par X-Files is better than none.
As soon as they showed a Muslim praying, I starting thinking, "Dear science, please don't have them make him a terrorist!" But they did. Of course they did. They even had a bit in there somewhere (one of the news clips they showed or something) about how people assume Muslims are terrorists and how it hurts the community (or something like that). Exactly what did they think they were doing with this show? Ugh.

This was not the X-Files. It was just a shitshow.
When I herd The Lumineers' "Ho Hey" song for the first time, i hoped it would be the last time.
I kept hearing similar feeling songs with chants or foot stomping for a beet. A pseudo nostalgia feel that makes a new band feel like it is genuinely connected to all the long lost cool music of the 60's and 70's. A hip-(chough! ster) RETRO chic.
Oh right the X-Files. All over the place, was actually thought provoking but I can be entertained by almost anything except what passes for new music.
Can ya gimme a beat.....?
Hey!........ Ho! Hey!...... Ho!

"No, Ciara: Dandy, in this sense, is not a derogatory term, YET"


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