One among the many great moments in My Golden Days, a charming French film about young love, about the beauty of youth, about the best years of life (between 16 and 19), the years when one is leaving the confusing mists of childhood and trying to grasp on what one is becoming, happens like this: The hero, a young anthropology student named Paul Dédalus (Quentin Dolmaire), is heading to school in a car while listening to De La Soul’s “Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin's Revenge).” This is the late 1980s, and this is the kind of music the French youth were listening to at the time.

In the next scene, the young hero meets for the first time the love of his life, Esther (Lou Roy-Leconllinet). She is a tough girl with great ’80s hair. Every guy wants to be her man. But she falls for Paul, and Paul falls for her. And they have lots of sex and relationship ups and downs. You never forget the first person who opened and then closed your heart. And because nothing much happens during one’s youth, nothing heavy happens in this delightful film by Arnaud Desplechin. recommended