Everything Falls Apart in High-Rise

Brace Yourself for Ben Wheatley's Latest


Excited to see this tomorrow even with some of the tepid reviews. Based on the (fantastic) original trailer that plays out like an ad for the towers, the art direction looks exactly how I pictured his world in the book.
I walked out of this movie.

I went in ready to love it: I love Tom Hiddleston, and especially naked Tom Hiddleston; love the 70s art direction, share the politics. But I do not love lazy filmmaking, which is what this was. There's only so many slow-motion, drink-splashing, crazy-dancing party scenes I can watch before it gets old: we get it, they're decadent. There's only so much plot-irrelevant graphic violence I can stomach and only so many strikes to the head with heavy-handed allegory I can take before I decide, oh, I see, if it weren't for the fucking and the killing, this would be a movie meant for children. I've liked a few Ben Wheatley movies before this one. Now I'll probably never watch another.