The title suggests a film about a harmless fetish, but this chilling documentary uncovers more emotional pain than physical pleasure. In the prologue, a television reporter describes David Farrier as "New Zealand's favorite pop culture reporter." One day, Farrier comes across a call for a competitive endurance tickling contest that involves flights to Los Angeles and four-day hotel stays. On the evidence of the video clips, the scene is rather wholesomely homoerotic (the male participants remain fully clothed during sessions).

Farrier senses a story, so he contacts Jane O'Brien Media for an interview, but rep Debbie Kuhn responds that she doesn't want to have anything to do with a gay journalist.

In subsequent exchanges, she resorts to homophobic slurs, which only incites his curiosity, so he enlists Dylan Reeve as codirector to help him figure out what the hell is going on. That's when things get really weird. First, there’s a letter from an attorney threatening legal action, and then three JOBM functionaries fly to Auckland to talk him out of the project.

Undeterred, Farrier and Reeve travel to California and Michigan where they interview the only participants willing to talk about their experiences. Suffice it to say: Jane (a pseudonym) turns out to be the biggest loony-tune to hit the doc circuit since Joyce McKinney, the vindictive, vainglorious star of Errol Morris's Tabloid. recommended