Mr. Robot Is Chilling, Dystopian Science Fiction. Just Like Real Life.


It was a great first season, and this is a great review/perspective, Charles.
This was a show that I didn't like at first, but by the end of the season it was my favorite show, for many of the reasons Charles points out here.

I am, however, skeptical about the idea that we can look at a typical office and judge whether there has been change or development. Since people are working on computers now, doesn't it make sense that the physical setting would be the same? All that matters is whether there has been software development. We don't need any 3-D hologram technology to demonstrate that there has been fundamental change.

(Of course, one thing people are doing differently from 1999 is surfing the internet at work, which isn't too promising for economic productivity)
Haven't watched it, but any talk of TV science fiction should include references to Person of Interest, which was fantastic.