Very nice. A trenchant, yet I feel honest, critique of a movie. Hopefully this doesn't call for people shutting Slog(the Stranger's Blog) down.
@1: That was a more subtle reference than any I could come up with. Well done.
It's Dark.

If you want sweet cuddly heroes go watch Deadpool again
OK, I guess.

But I don't get the minds that say Batman v Superman or American Ultra or Jupiter Ascending are unwatchable, messy, muddled bullshit -- but! -- Avengers Age of Ultron or the Dark Knight Trilogy or Serenity are totally watchable. And not at all muddled. Not at all bullshit.
YEAH, that hack Jared Leto with his Oscar and his Golden Globe. I don't think he's a bad actor, he's a very good actor giving a very bad performance in a shitty popcorn movie.

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