What a fucking Luddite.
"Aw jeez, Mudede. Always with the cars. I mean, industry is the main source of greenhouse gasses anyway, cars are only... OK, it's 26%, which is actually 5% more than industry. I stand corrected. Carry on." - Pretty much my exact knee-jerk reaction.

A marxist is not opposed to machinery, to technology. A marxist is opposed to anything that might delay the rising up of the proletariat to perform the revolution that the marxist has carefully imagined for them. And the biggest obstacle to this is the poor person who insists on having a good time once in a while inside the capitalist system.

This is the thing that is truly dangerous, the thing that really must be stopped. This "fun" these people think they are having must be abolished.
I have to give Mr. Mudede some credit for advocating mass transit as (one of--though in his mind, probability, the only) solution to urban traffic problems. Better at least than the insufferable bicycle advocates, whose answer to this pressing 21st-century infrastructure problem is a reversion to a 19th-century novelty.

Still, the attacks on "car culture" grate; funny how denouncing one culture's adoration of a reactionary, vengeful, yet nonexistent supernatural being constitutes a hate crime, while denouncing one which adores (perhaps too much) a ubiquitous and manufactured thing whose existence cannot credibly be questioned is the soul of nobility.

Anyway, thanks for reminding me to pre-order Forza Horizon 3!
@3 thanks for the insight Lenin. Why waste our time with these frivolities, we've got some kulaks to starve!
@4, only an imbecile and/or a troll could call the bicycle a "19th-century novelty".
@6 It could certainly carry you to the next rehearsal of your middling barbershop quartet, or perhaps to your next unsuccessful attempt to court the divine Miss Agatha Beaumont Vel Duray. Of Lower Whiffington.
@2 nice.

I think the "with electricity distributed by sector" graph means more. But cars are still nontrivial.…
I think I love you Charles.
@8: Ah, that's more like what I was looking for. Thank you.
Damn Charles, you almost had me feeling guilty about shopping for a Tahoe/F150 as the new family rig...Almost. Greeting from the burbs y'all!

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