Snowden Reveals the Boring Side of Whistle-Blowing


epic troll, charles.
Biopics are nearly always boring.
The best thing in this movie, Nicolas Cage
That's all I needed to know to convince me not to watch this.
Good Afternoon Charles,
Indeed, I shall not watch this film. I deplore anything that Oliver Stone touches.
Um, Mr Mudede, I can't remember where you're from, and it sounds like you've forgotten also. My parents were in Unesco, so we spent many years in small countries whose government are, how shall i say this, less concerned about what they do to remain in power.

So here's an anecdote to illustrate WHY we should care what the FBI, NSA, CIA, and whatever other collections-of -letters-agencies are allowed to do: We were staying at a village headsman home for a few days before going back to the tribe my father was working with, when we were all woken up by MANY MASKED MEN WITH LARGE GUNS, taken outside and lined up against the house's wall. We stood there silently with several men pointing their VERY BIG GUNS at us, while the rest went through the house, room by room. They were thorough, tossed blankets out of chests, clothes out of wardrobes, pulled up parts of the floor, ripped away a few pieces of walls and ceiling. After a couple of hours they came and checked all of us against a list. Then they went away. So my dad said, what was that? Rebels? Bandits? And our host said no, that's just the police. They were making random checks to make sure everyone in the village have reported all their visitors as required . So my dad said what would have happened if he hadn't gone to the police station and reported that we were visiting. He said it would have been very bad, but it's good that he was the headsman, and that Unesco was paying the country $$$$ for my dad to work there (anthropologist), because normally during these random checks everyone would be kneeling with hoods over their heads, and hands tied behind back while waiting for the searchers to finish.

I was six, my siblings a bit older.

Has EVERYONE registered to VOTE?
Yeah I don't give a shit if the government hacks my computer or phone. I don't care if Obama has a file on his desk filled with my youporn preferences.
I believe he's a spy and any idiot can see it.