The Mystery of Life Revealed in B Movie The Quiet Earth


Aaaah... SPOILER ALERT maybe!
It was a PRETTY entertaining movie.

I liked "Primer" better for fuckingupyourhead goodness.…

I saw this movie as a high school kid, and have daydreamed ever since of being left (mostly) alone on an empty planet. Let the man and the woman run off together... I'll just enjoy the solitude, thanks!
@3, I have no idea why, but I like those kinds of movies too. I mean, I'm an introvert, but NOT that much of one.
That's why I liked this, until the people found each other at least...…
And this (except for the zombies. WHY does there always have to be fucking zombies or monsters??):…
I also liked this, although it was violent:…
The Quiet Earth is fantastic -- the kind of movie that you used to find under a layer of dust in the back of your corner video store, rent on a whim, and then spend the next 20 years of your life forcing friends and relatives to watch.

Er, I mean "I", not "you". Because dear god did I do that.

It had a good DVD release about 5 or 6 years ago, but sadly never got a proper R1 blu-ray. If it's actually getting a theatrical re-release, you should drop everything and go see it.

Also, the novel it's based on finally hit Kindle a few years back. It's fairly different from the movie, but definitely worth the $10.
@1 the scene Charles referenced is used in basically all of the advertising media for the film (posters, tape/dvd covers, etc) so it's not really spoiling anything. And honestly this isn't the sort of movie that you can "spoil" by revealing plot points: it's not a mystery, and much of the film goes by without a single human voice speaking.
Good Morning Charles,
As you know I liked "The Tree of Life" very much. But, I just saw "The Quiet Earth" and enjoyed it immensely. Both films are actually "thinking persons" SciFi. Bruno Lawrence was outstanding in the latter. See if you haven't already, "Smash Palace" by another New Zealander, Roger Donaldson. Lawrence is excellent in that one as well.

Yes, "The Quiet Earth" was charming. I especially enjoyed the dynamic of race, gender & class that clearly affects the narrative in the wake of a cosmic catastrophe. All three characters Hobson, Joann & Api are genuine. Very compelling. I didn't care about the implausible science. What I did like was ultimately, its mystery.