I'm a little confused by what Charles means by "the rape would have been named and, as a consequence, become public rather than private." Is he saying this was conscious denial rather than the spontaneous brain overloading that is typical in traumatic events?
@1 If she fought, if she brought attention to what was happening, it stops becoming a "blurred line" and becomes what our society would call "rape", even if it wouldn't prosecute it. To be raped and to admit it was rape means having to choose between the futility and shame of fighting for justice or living with the shame of not doing anything, of being a passive victim.
No, this is not even close to the first film/tv show to have this type of rape.
Does rape have a non-ugly side? What a weird headline.
As opposed to the gorgeous side of rape? I only ever got to know the ugly side. But YMMV I guess?
@5, you may think you are clever but we still, in our day and age, need to make clear the status on rape. so, to leave rape unqualified in our society is still not cool.

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