The Magical Whitewash of Doctor Strange


"...any really well-made, really enjoyable movie, as Marvel’s tend to be..."

Ugh. No.

Popcorn fodder, sure.
Man. I suppose the bar has been set so low now that even reviewers have given up. Because we saw two very different films.

What I saw was a dull predictable effects fest with no story or characters at all and suited for 13 year olds. Which was the only reason I suspect most adults like me go to these dumb movies - to escort their dumb kids.
whitewashing vs cultural appropriation, so very confusing
@4, just think of everything as being racist and you'll be just fine. And avoid anyone not the same skin color as you or anyone who has strange/unfamiliar gender identities as well. That way you won't accidentally offend anyone.
@2: I think you're making a distinction without a difference. A film doesn't have to be particularly deep or illuminating some greater truth about human nature to be enjoyable.

@3: You're saying that the character of a sorcerer - created 50 years ago in a medium populated mostly by superheroes and aimed at teenagers - comes across as silly and aimed at teenagers? I can't imagine why you're not doing reviews instead: your analysis is so original and thought-provoking.
@4, 5: Pretty much.
So my analysis has to be "original and thought-provoking" but the gajillion dollar movie can just be stupid as shit? Okay.

Ok. I amend my original thesis: a large percentage of the adult audience have not progressed beyond simple minded adolescence.
This is a movie review? We should go see because Cumberbatch?

Aside from the problem with the non review, I wonder what Jon Hamm would have made of Dr Strange if he hadn't been edged out by the Cumberbatch.
If the Ancient One is now supposed to be Celtic...why didn't they move her lair to Findhorn, Iona or the Aran Isles? Or at least cast Van Morrison in the role?