Hacksaw Ridge and the Return of Mel Gibson


Wow I whole five paragraphs. They obviously don't pay by the word over at the Stranger.
I can't deal with Gibson. No way, no how. I'd rather listen to Wagner.

On a humorous side note:
I was once watching Young Frankenstein in the common room of my dorm when someone walked in and asked about it. I explained that it was a parody of the old classics directed by Mel Brooks, to which I received the following response:
"Mel Brooks? Isn't he, like, super racist and anti-Semitic?"
Yet another movie depicting evil white males gunning down noble and oppressed POC. When are we gonna get a movie about Japan liberating the women of Nanking from their oppressors?
How is this racist, sexist, wife beating creep still able to get money to make his crap movies?