Allied Offers a Friendly Reminder: Don’t Marry Nazis


From the trailer, I have a Kaiser Soze theory about this.
I usually love WW2 spy/French resistance stuff -- the last "good" war, dontcha know?

And Lizzy Caplan! And Jared Harris!

But a film that muddies the moral history with two wooden leads, and can't even imagine that Lesbianism might be a problem for a woman 70 years ago?


If the producers of this film lost me -- a built in market -- ah, maybe I'll fast forward on Netflix to Lizzy and Jared.

Speaking of which, I need to catch up with Masters of Sex.

Television is currently so much better written than movies, with better actors- - at least the stuff I watch.
having voted for trump is also on the unforgivable list ('short form')