A family man marine (Shia LeBeouf) struggles with adjusting to life after wartime. Also, the Apocalypse happens at some point. Director/cowriter Dito Montiel has never exactly been one for subtle restraint. (His debut, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, also starring LaBeouf, was a shamelessly Scorsesified story of his own teenaged years.)

This chronologically jumbled film, though, somehow feels both overblown and terminally thin, with a potentially affecting look at PTSD issues drowned out by the script’s more outre sci-fi elements and the overly method mumbles of the cast. (When Gary Oldman is your most intelligible performer, you may need to consider giving the sound recorder a swift kick.)

While the premise’s sheer weirdness is initially intriguing, the on-the-nose pretension—every piece of graffiti has a message to impart—keeps things from ever really fitting together. Markedly unpleasant to watch, and not in an especially productive way, either. recommended