Our 2017 Film Preview! You're Welcome!

Featuring: Aliens! Baby Drivers! And a LOT of Angry Monkeys!


I thought The Lobster was really sweet and life-affiming is a strange way, especially compared to Dogtooth, but I suppose most thing are compared to Dogtooth. Excited for his next one.

I watched Rise of... and Dawn of... and—I usually don't have any issue in just enjoying a film for what it is—I just can't get past that they've basically turned the apes into gods. I mean, a race of intelligent and super strong foes is enough, but do they have to be bulletproof with the occasional ability of flight too? We need rules, people!
Looking like Jupiter Ascending is great, because Jupiter Ascending looked great. Sets, costumes, lighting....all fantastic. Just everything else was craptacular. Luc Besson is much more reliable than the Wackowski Siblings. They made a couple good movies a long time ago, Besson manages to be at least entertaining and often great with every film.
2016 was an AWFUL year for movies. Hollywood would've gone bankrupt if not for cartoons and Star Wars.
Am I the only person that read The Circle as a farce? No one seems to realize how hilarious that book was.
when the hell is Toni Erdmann gonna open around here?