If you start your review with "My opinion is objectively a fact" I stop reading.
Holy unchecked privilege, Batman!

How's about you travel to India, or China, or for that matter to the not-so-white parts of urban America, and ask the people from the lower classes there what they think of your aesthetic judgement of gold?
Well, actually the OP had a point: aside from its tensile and conductive properties, which are considerable, the only actual value gold has is the one we humans have arbitrarily placed on it. It's not the rarest metal in the earth's crust, it's just one of the shiniest and most easily malleable, and so we hammer and stretch it into pretty baubles upon which we ascribe great value. But aside from this, it's really not good for much of anything besides filling teeth and conducting electricity.
Remember that movie with the solid gold robot? Gross! "All I can think of is diarrhea!" What a bomb. Or the Oscars? You don't remember but they tried to give out these movie awards called the Oscars but everyone said no way, keep your gross diarrhea man statue. You don't remember ask your grandpa. King Tut? Least popular museum exhibit ever. It's like a diarrhea metal colored coffin thing. Trust me you'd hate it if you saw it.

Fucking arrogant pissant. Sometimes if you read what you wrote out loud in front of the mirror you realize how you sound.

Imagine a compassionate, empathic billionaire who happened to like gilt shit. Weird but kinda cool. Trump's problem is mainly that he's such a huge asshole. Not that he's into gold.

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