You should mention that the doc is also creepy as shit...which may or may not be appropriate, given that it only serves to further marginalize mental illness for the sake of a cheap thrill.

And yet creepy has its own merits, and I shan't undervalue them just cause my bleeding heart is trying to bring down the price.
I live IN Waukesha, have no idea how much this case effects everyone in our city. My 6th grade teacher is the Victim's Aunt. My kids attended events with the alleged attackers. The alleged attack happened 2 miles from our house in a park we often go to. It is heartbreaking that the alleged attackers (who may or may not be seriously mentally ill) are languishing in a detention center and (possibly) not getting the mental health help that they (may or may not) need.

No matter what happens in court, we are all thankful that the victim has recovered from her attack (physically) and has a great family and community support system.

I believe Anissa is the mastermind and she basically preyed on Morgan. Morgan was friends with the victim for four years prior. When you watch the interviews with the police 🚨 I think it is easy to assume Anissa is the master mind and I hope these two girls get some kind of help in the jail system

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