Girls Has Been a Gift—a Gift with Baggage, but a Gift Nonetheless


I'm a sixty-five-year white male and I think the series has been great. I feel as though it has given me some insight into this generation that I would have otherwise never had access to - even if I had been a parent. And the insight doesn't come from just the characters. It also comes from subject matter and dialogue choices. I'm looking forward to the last season. I wanted to throw Hannah (and Lena) a ticker-tape parade after the Season 5 finale.
I just want Shoshanna to go back to Japan. They were meant for each other.
I had to stop watching Girls because I couldn't keep dealing with what a terrible person Lena Dunham is vs how obviously intelligent she also is. I can't watch people capable improving as themselves as people who keep turning back into the worst of themselves because it's ultimately most familiar. Selfish people suck.
What? Six seasons is just about syndication heaven. It will play for a long time, all over the place.
@3 you watched mad men?
I watch it but so fucking navel gazing - Broad City's got a better sense of humor
@6 Broad City is also a straight comedy. Girls is a comedy-drama.