The Loss of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program Threatens the Entire State of Washington, Not Just Spokane


Very accurate and true article.

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Before the anti-incentives-on-general-principals contingent weighs in, it's important to understand that the WA MPCP works very differently that almost any other similar type of tax incentive, in that, producers who commit to shooting under the program in Washington State agree to spending a quantifiable percentage of their budget in-state, are required to meet in-state hiring quotas (so, they're not simply bringing in talent or crew from L.A., for example), and uniquely, requires productions to cover health benefits for in-state workers. In addition, the Incentive funding is provided on the back-end of production, and only after producers provide exhaustive accounting to document their in-state expenditures; only then do they receive reimbursement. So, they essentially have to show how much money they've spent here before they can collect a penny from the program.
I like that Portland saw an uptick from the business that left Spokane. It's hard for me to root for Spokane over Portland.
This is so important! Probably the most important decision that Washington State can do we allow this model program to be renewed (with a very tiny adjustment for a major feature film)? Or do we continue to stand idly by while Vancouver, BC and Oregon increase their incentives, shoot multiple TV and Film projects set in Washington but filmed in Vancouver, and basically make Washington fight for the scraps with our tiny program? All this while NY has a $420 Million Annual Industry that last year generated $9 Billion in revenue? Right now our tiny program: $3.5 Million annually generates $34 Million a year. And 90% or all of the cast/crew are from Washington State. We can do better as a state. I would be very proud to see 4 TV shows in production and multiple larger budget films shooting. This is how you grow an industry people! By investing in the programs with a real return.
Many people are missing this point: If the Washington Motion Picture Competitiveness Program sunsets on June 30, the state LOSES its film office. Gone are the staff and resources that market the state to film and video projects - regardless of any incentive. Call or email your state legislator today to stop this. #KeepFilmInWA
That is correct GeoSeattle! Please take 2 minutes to call your Legislators folks! Support HB 1527 and SB 5502. Both of these bills have been reintroduced today in the Special Session.