Glad this is finally getting screened 6 months after it came out. It should be required viewing for everyone.
I have not seen the film and feel Trump and Gaddafi have much in common, but in the never-ending search for truth, it should be pointed out that Gaddafi’s speech to the UN was in 2009 - he was killed in 2011. More importantly, regarding Trump and the infamous tent site, he had no idea what was going on at his Westchester property. Gaddafi’s people were posing as Dutch diplomats to secure lodging. It was Donald who got Gaddafi to remove the tent after Trump learned what he was up to. The uproar included entreaties from the Secret Service and Westchester politicians to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Small world.
So... a weekly newspaper in Seattle, Washington blurbs this film without one mention of East Wenatchee? As a Washingtonian, I was shaken by how local the reference was, and the hidden events that occcurred/are occurring in East Wenatchee. I don't know how anyone who has lived in this state for long would not foreground this aspect of the film. Did this reviewer even see the film?

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