That's probably off topic for this thread but you should probably figure out something that let’s you know where your stuff is at all times.
"My grandfather was in the IRA...."

Do it ever occur to you, just for a moment, that the IRA of your grandfather's era was completely different in terms of its politics, objectives, means and tactics than the "'Rah" of the time portrayed in the movie?

Learn your history before you spout total nonsense.
@3 Not my headline, but thanks for the input!
Do you know in what time period the author's grandfather was a member of the IRA?
No you do not.
Do you have an equally close family conction to the IRA which would make this story resonate with you as it does with the author?
One suspects not.
Are you a jackass?
Demonstrably so.
Screw the IRA. Long live the Union!
@5 The very tenor of your comment suggests you don't understand the difference between the Executive, OIRA, Provo, --- or Continuity and RIRA.

It's just "IRA" --- if you're a dumb twat.

How about running along now and leave the conversation to the adults.

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