WOW BOB WOW! Ha! Ive been having a lot of discussions about this. I am a HUGE TWIN PEAKS fan and loving the new season. But I'm also a TM teacher and acid Vedic Science geek so I am passionate about the topic. I see many parallels in season 3, and I found part 8 to be especially stimulating of course. As did most people, I think! It's so rich and leaves so much room for contemplation and imagination. I think it's an absolute masterpiece. Some good points in your article and what you're saying is Coop came out of his meditation too fast!?!? HAHA I know the feeling. I get Dougie Jonesed when I get up too soon (from sleep OR meditation). But my Mr Jackpots moments of good fortune only come from good, regular TM practice. David has never missed a TM session since he learned in the early 70's. And it shows in his personality, creativity, and his work with the White Lodge.... I mean the David Lynch Foundation ;)
Ha oops. I said "acid" instead of "avid".... maybe in this case it was an appropriate slip. JK.

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