Ian Watson / TBS

One of my favorite underrated shows of last year was TBS original comedy series, People of Earth, which takes the idea of alien abductions to a whole new level of cleverly wry entertainment. The premise? Ozzie, a city savvy journalist played by Wyatt Cenac (who you may remember from his tenure as a correspondent and writer for The Daily Show from 2008 to 2012) visits a smallish town in New York called Beacon to do a piece investigating a support group of people who've experienced alien encounters, called StarCrossed, only to realize after a string of super strange occurrences and memory lapses that he, too, may have had some encounters of his own. The twist? The aliens in question are totally real, and we get a look at things from their point of view, to pretty funny effect.

Among the other faces you'll likely recognize are SNL alum Ana Kristina Gasteyer as Gina, the psychoanalyst who leads the group, and Oscar Núñez (The Office) as the smooth Latin jazz-funk musician Father Doug, who lets the group meet in the basement of his church, with some reluctance and dubiousness. Also involved with People of Earth: two executive producers who were behind The Office and Parks & Rec, along with a third, Conan O'Brien, and providing the on-point music—Mark Mothersbaugh.

The point of this post? The second season of People of Earth starts tonight, and you can stream all 10 episodes of the first season now, on, to bring yourself up to speed. Need more convincing? Check out the Season 1 trailer below along with some memorable clips and the trailer for Season 2.