Good Evening Charles,
I viewed "Dunkirk" and thought it outstanding. Especially considering that the aerial photography was seemingly genuine of the aircraft fights. Just outstanding technically. And, while I enjoyed it as film entertainment, it was poignant as a historical piece. The actors displayed the fortitude that real soldiers definitively had.

I don't expect any feature film to be "poetry". Clearly, any account of an historical "event" is embellished. But that is the point, it's a movie not verse. I still believe the sublime to be beautiful. This film had tragic beauty.

Mind you Jonathan Raban is basically the only critic to dislike this film but he must be correct because it didn't jive with his father's account of the battle and his recollection is clearly the only correct first hand account of Dunkirk and any movie worth watching must adhere to said recollection.
With apologies. I can in no way match the depth of this review by Charles. The word "intellectual" has never been in juxtaposition near my name. But I do love movies. All kinds of movies. And I do disagree a wee bit with Charles' statement that "story" about the boy killed was based on promoting a lie. Actually, simple me just perceived it to be about giving the boy the one thing he wanted. He wanted to DO something. To me this fails to make the grade as a lie. It hurt no one. It didn't help their status in any way. All it did was honor a young man's wish. Gee, that almost sounds kink of poetic to me.
You say "And it is here I must show how this film is a dub of Brexit, and how Brexit is a dub of the Dunkirk disaster." but I don't see you doing that. And why quote Nigel Farage?
Sorry Charles, I love your writing sometimes, but this was a serious overreach into the stupid. And did you have to stick Nigel in there at the end? The man is an ass. His opinion on anything should never be promoted.

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