Seattle Indie Filmmakers Explain Why Amazon Video Direct Beats YouTube for Self-Distribution


[end of the article] "...but ignoring everything I just wrote, don't forget to hate Amazon."

Otherwise, very interesting -- both the article and the movie. Thank you for writing about this film!
Missing from this article are the Streaming Nasties, the movies Amazon removed from Prime due to sexual or violent content...but they still stream the likes of The Neon Demon (which I loved, but we need a discussion of curation and censorship).
Haven't tried Amazon Video Direct yet, but plan to. Our first (no budget) feature has over 16 million views on YouTube and we haven't made a dime. The claim is that we can't monetize it because it's not family/advertiser friendly. We would take it down, but, we receive so many favorable comments and emails from people who enjoyed it that we just don't.…