Jennifer Lawrence Gets Sucked Into Darren Aronofsky’s Mother!


Aronofsky is really good at dressing up his lack of insight. I shrugged at Pi and Black Swan.
Agreed. I think he is vastly overrated, much like Soderbergh. That said, probably need to see this.
I agree that no one leaves in the middle, but I can't tell where you landed. Which is fair -- I'm having a similar see-saw reaction, but am settling on "mildly fascinating hot garbage (would not recommend, but go ahead and see it if you must)".
Wow, that is a really, really, terrible wig.
Loved it, great film. I can't "recommend" it, though. Art like this is, and any subsequent meaning, is clearly in the yes and mind of the beholder. I found it as strong as Blue Velvet and Videodrome. the only 2 films, besides Mother!, that I have attended that folks walked out of. If you love Film, go see it. If you just like "movies" go see it anyway :)
Mr. Henriksen, you did get, as NY Times spelled out for everybody, this is Bible Allegory (big B, big A) from Genesis to Revelation and back again?
It's pretty clear its the Bible story told from the point of view of god's wife/partner/whatever j-law is supposed to be.
@7 I think She is many things, Paradise, the Universe, the Earth, she is His Creation before them pesky craaaaaaaazy people show up and, of course, ruin everything!
I was bored at times during mother! which with all the bombastic visuals was strange in hindsight. I recalled that same feeling with Requiem for a Dream so I think Mr. Aronofsky and I are through. Hmmm, mother! reminded me of a band I saw recently which I did not like but it sure sounded like they practiced a lot...good musicianship and being "tight" is never enough. This movie was a fucking mess and I am sure he's quite proud of it.