Dont overlook Brewers fantastic new Shining soundtrack.
Don't overlook Brewer's fantastic new Shining soundtrack.

If you missed Corey J. Brewer's live score at Northwest Film Forum's Puget Soundtrack showing of The Shining Forward & Backward, you still can hear it, albeit sans imagery. Brewer recently uploaded the audio to Bandcamp under the title The Overlook Hotel. It's a great piece of disorienting, darker-than-midnight-at-the-North-Pole ambient/drones in the vein of '89s/'90s :zoviet*france: and foreboding industrial soundscaping à la Techno Animal and Scorn (see "Here's Johnny"). It's worth hearing, even divorced from its cinematic inspiration. One imagines that original film composers Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind would be impressed.