Neo-nazis don't know anything about Star Wars.

In Return of the Jedi, the second death star is destroyed by Lando Calrissian, a black man.

George Lucas's first choice to play Obi-Wan Kenobi wasn't Alec Guinness, it was Toshiro Mifune.

Let's not forget that Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia was a badass from jump, and ended up rescuing her rescuers.

Star Wars has been left-leaning from the beginning, the neo-nazis just weren't bright enough to notice until now.
Nazis hate everything and everyone. Including themselves.

The only movie they tolerate is "Triumph of the Will."

Let's not forget this:

Back in a 1973 note on “Star Wars,” Lucas made clear which side he was rooting for in the Vietnam War: “A large technological empire going after a small group of freedom fighters.”…
It's a movie. A dumb movie of a series of very, very dumb movies. With kindergarten dialogue, space penguins, and Sasquatches (that somehow shoot lasers with 13th century cross bows).

The fact that right-wingers and Nazis waste five seconds on it tells me all I need about their movement of sad losers.

Make that "the second death star is destroyed by Lando Calrissian, a black man, AND Nien Nunb, a Sullustan", which of course would just piss off the Alt-Right White Guys even MORE, what with their predilection for anti-alien xenophobia and all.

Also, FWIW it should be noted Alt-Right/Nazis also hate Star Trek for mostly the same reasons...
"Capitalism has the ability to transform the very venom spit in it's face into a drug, and revel in it".
-Raoul Vaniegam (IIRC)

So, pretty much yes. Revolution will stay on the screen.

I beg to differ. A Wookie bowcaster is a very sophisticated weapon, and packs quite a bit more punch than your average blaster.

Now, if you REALLY want to get critical, we can debate why spaceships moving through a vacuum maneuver like airplanes moving through the air...
What's wrong with not liking a movie that doesn't represent your race? People of color have been saying for years that movies should star people that look like them. It seems like white people are just saying that now. Perhaps now that they, white people, are seeing movies with people that don't look like them they're just as bothered as people of color have always been?
@3 I would counter that they enjoy Birth of a Nation as well.
I think the point of the movie being "everything that came before is inferior to everything that is now" was a little too heavy handed from the Disney marketing team.

{Spoiler ahead maybe?] It really hit home when Yoda showed up just to say that everything earlier is pointless now that there are new, better movies with new, better characters. I guess I just don't really agree. It was nice to finally see these characters acting like humans and trying to get laid. The first one was completely devoid of any sexuality. Felt like watching robots.

@8: Star Wars was basically just WWII in space, so you gotta have those flashy maneuvers! The Bowcaster is fucking stupid though. Always was, always will be. Sorry Chewie.


Star wars has always been liberal from the conception
So now they are going to put the blame of all the bad user reviewers to it being the Alt-Right (Nazis)???

So, if I do not like the Last Jedi...which I really do not like and put bad review on IMDB...Disney could easily label me as crazy fanatic fan or Alt Right ?

Any excuse to keep the money train going on a great series destroyed by this movie....for Georges 6 movies remain interest in IX or Rians trilogy and Solo...haha

Stupider than a Mauser C96 that shoots laser-beams?
Sorry, meant @12...
@15: First, it is not a laser beam. Second, yes. It is basically just a really clumsy, limited, and slow blaster rifle. I understand that it is a symbolic cultural weapon, but there is a reason people abandoned the bow and arrow for the assault rifle.

You realize (granted we're nerding here) it doesn't shoot arrows, yes?
@18: It kind of does actually, albeit a projectile surrounded by a plasma field. But it is slow and requires manual loading, much like a crossbow.

Right, so essentially it's a very compact, modified gauss rifle firing magnetically-accelerated projectiles at a very high rate of speed, which combines the massive kinetic-energy impact damage of a high-velocity projectile weapon with the heat and molecular disruptive effects of a plasma burst-energy weapon - quite the combination. It's also more accurate and more powerful than a blaster, and in the right hands far more deadly. Plus, IIRC Wookies tend to mod out their weapons quite a bit, and so I believe Chewbacca's 'caster can actually support a range of ammo types in addition to quarrels. In short - it may not be an ideal weapon for puny humans, but for a Wookie or a Kyuzo, it seems like a logical and effective choice.
Wait, what happened to Spock?

Died, reborn, sucked through a dimensional vortex, met a version of his alternate-reality self, died again.
@21: Be that as it may, it is still a small, slow ballista in a galaxy with auto cannons and automatic rifles. Find me one soldier in the world who would prefer a very powerful crossbow over an automatic rifle.

@23: JJ Abrams cares not for your petty concerns like "consistency" and "narrative causality." Did it look cool on the screen for ten seconds? Then it was worth any cost. Seriously though, someone needs to inform that guy how far apart suns and planets are, since he seemingly has no idea.
@8: The reason space ships move like airplanes - at least in the non-digital original trilogy - is that they rotoscoped footage of actual air combat.
It's hard to tell how sarcastic Mudede is being in the title and first three paragraphs. Maybe not sarcastic enough.

"But these neo-Nazi complaints and claims will have no impact on the future of this franchise because..."

Because those neo-Nazis are straw men. In fact, huge and very diverse groups of people didn't like this movie, but their opinions won't make a measurable difference if they still bought a ticket. And people aren't likely to publicly speak truth to the power of The Force (tm) if they're going to be intimidated and slandered for it.

"These consumers will pay good money to see representations of themselves in a big-budget blockbuster."

Anyone who paid attention in a college intro to film course would see right through that idea. (Of course, we're dealing with a generation of viewers that gets its film vocabulary from amateurs on YouTube who have no training in the critical methods that they pretend to preach.) Movie customers do not and cannot see "representations" of themselves on the screen. Disney and its news media tentacles will push that falsehood as long as it helps them sell tickets and toys, but the last half century of film studies and human history says otherwise. That's not how identification and representation work in the movies.

The last paragraph makes a little more sense:

"How do we transform the revolutionary images in Stars [sic] Wars into tangible things and real-world events?"

This is a misleading question. Star Wars is and always has been turned into tangible things and real-world events, and there is nothing revolutionary about any of them.

If you want to change that, you're going to have to stop donating your time, energy, earnings, and clickbait weekly newspaper articles to support cancerous corporate franchises like this. These mind-numbingly profitable stories exist to exploit and funnel money and opportunities away from vulnerable people. Complaints about imaginary neo-Nazis and fake theories of representation are little more than a smoke screen that helps Disney get away with it. Nobody is granted liberation, self-awareness, or justice by paying $15 to watch a billion dollar blockbuster with characters that (we can only be brainwashed to believe) "look like me!"

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