Do we see if it's WDA-compliant? Are there ramps to enter buildings, door handles instead of door knobs, and wide-doorways?
Seems like yet another over-hyped “good vs. evil”, CGI superhero movie. I’ll wait for it to hit Netflix.
Everyone lives either in the city or the country?

So, everyone is either very rich or very poor? There's no middle?

Nevermind, it's a movie based on a comic book based on a fictional superhero... I'm content to simply eat my popcorn and enjoy the film.

Given that Wakanda is the world's most technologically advanced nation, I'm pretty sure they've already solved the problem of physical disabilities (aside from vibranium-induced mutation, natch); or if not, can easily provide an array of cybernetically enhanced prosthetics and mobility devices to meet any need or condition.


Neither. All Wakandans participate in an active social, political, and economic culture: all education and health care (including a cure for most forms of cancer) is free, and the nation enjoys incredible wealth due to its combination of vast quantities of mineral resources (including, but not limited to the extremely rare vibranium) and technological exports. It is, for all intents-and-purposes the epitome of enlightened socialism, despite its pseudo-tribal political structure being nominally based on hereditary monarchy (in fact any Wakandan can challenge for the position of "black panther" by right-of-combat) . If Wakandans live in huts, it's because they choose to, more for aesthetic, cultural or religious reasons (there being several sub-tribal "cult" affiliations) than because of poverty.

Thus endeth the nerd lesson for the day...
There’s no possible worse endorsement for a movie than a Charles Mudede,”Its lots of fun.”.

Charles, you wouldn’t know fun if it was sucking your dick.
I don't know, watching it in Charles's living room sounds pretty fun to me.
Unfortunately, our supply of magical alien metal is tragically low.

@6: I have a feeling he didn't watch the movie, or got too drunk to remember it. You could piece together this post from the PR surrounding the film.

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