Wow, so 'W was the catalyst that inspired Charles to create Zoo. I can't wait to see whatever Charles creates because of Trump.
I thought Zoo was a meaningless and tiresome film attempting to cash in on pornography involving a rather perverse subject. The story was overlong and boring and totally meaningless. Though on a low key scale the film attempted to offer bizarre perverse porn and present it as an art film; it failed miserably all around.
Good Evening Charles,
I'm afraid I'm scratching my head regarding your reason for making 'Zoo'. " because I was upset that people were more disgusted by a bunch of men getting fucked by horses in Enumclaw than George Bush's illegal war in Iraq."

I've not seen it nor do I want to see "The Shape of Water". "Splash" was silly.

That said, one can be disgusted by W's war in Iraq or ANY war for that matter especially if one believes it "illegal". But to render a film documentary with fairly deplorable subject matter to ostensibly measure "disgust" against another real event seems odd.

War and bestiality are not equal. Why? Some wars are justified. Bestiality never.
Charles, have you read Ted Mooney's 1981 debut novel "Easy Travel to Other Planets?" I doubt the author had your political commentary in mind, but it's worth a look to see one treatment of anthropo-cetacean sex as the basis for a contemplation of communication and connection.
But according to Brenner's logic, if the animal that killed the Boeing employee in 2005 had been a centaur, that line would not have been crossed. Now that's something to think about.

If we consider a person having sex with a centaur or a mermaid to be acceptable, it's not because those mythical creatures are half-human. It's because of what particular half is human.

As for the guy who let the horse fuck him and then died because of it, certainly not my thing but, as the saying goes, at least he died doing what he (apparently) loved.

Charles, as you well know, we have a very twisted relationship in this country between sex and violence. Violence is much more acceptable than sex. It's part of our culture. After all, we didn't "win the West" by making love to the Natives; we did it by killing them.
Hump! had an awesome centaur entry a few years ago.

The Wikipedia link to Zoo in your article states that the film was originally about the horse rescue, and that it morphed into a film about zoophiles.
Which story did you write, or did you write both?
@2: "The story was overlong and boring and totally meaningless."

That's the signature of Charles' work.
"... people were more disgusted by a bunch of men getting fucked by horses in Enumclaw than George Bush's illegal war in Iraq."

Oh, that's right, I remember Iraq: where the Cheney/bush Team fucked EVERYONE -- but themselves and military contractwhores, Blackwater Mercenary Services and Big. Fucking. Oil. Tell me, how's that half of the Cheney/bush Wars coming? Is the Mission still accomplished?

You're correct, Charles -- what fucking Obscenity.
And yet somehow Glorious, as seen on Nationalist TeeVee.

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