I’m fully OK with this being a #problematic fave. But I agree that it’s not his best, and that it is far and away most uncomplicatedly upbeat (on a pure story basis). And/or less heart-rending melancholy percolating below the whimsical surfaces.
I'll still see it. Even the worst Wes Anderson flick is ten times better than 80% of the junk that normally makes it to the theaters. I've been eagerly awaiting this for months.
Cinema Escape has a really interesting perspective on the film.…
I remain mystified by the adulation and worship heaped on both Wes Anderson and Joss Whedon. Their work is incredibly sophomoric and unsatisfying. They're both lousy storytellers. There's nothing at all compelling in the actual execution of what always sounds in advance like it will be an interesting concept or story. Maybe they should both just do pitches to the studio then step away and hand off everything to someone else to bring to fruition.

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