I Feel Pretty Is as Offensive and Infuriating as We Thought It’d Be


Breaking news: shrill but yet depressed Seattle liberal unhappy with something...
The premise of the movie is that you can be happy with yourself no matter what yourself is, and being happy with yourself will make you....happy.

We see your point; totally Offensive and Infuriating.
But does it pass the Bechdel test????
Amy Schumer can't even catch a dick anymore
I'm 68, and my generation was told we'd be unmarriagable hags after around 25, or were 10 pounds overweight.

But I have learned much to my surprise, you can't be too fat or too old for men to be interested in you.

As they get older, the good ones -- the ones you want -- have learned they want more than a starved 19 with artificial breasts.

But that's true also for the younger good guys.

Amy Schumer also has no problems dating in fucking Hollywood.

This film's premise is slime, and unrealistic shit, at that.
I will never understand heterosexual America.

@6: I don't think is a particularly indicative example of anything. Though most of the comments above sure are.
@4: As newlyweds I imagine Schumer and her husband would dispute that.
That's interesting and all, but was the movie funny?
@8 you clearly haven't watched much of her comedy then
@10: Oh were you quoting one of her jokes? If so, my bad!
Breaking: Film reviewer watches movie with a closed mind, "reviews" movie by spending first 1/3 of piece complaining about watching/reviewing movies for a living, doesn't really offer much of a review of said movie.
no cellulite on schumer? i highly doubt it...
@13, go see the movie and have a look. The woman is in amazing shape. She's a busty, which can make you look a little thick around the middle but she has luscious long legs and is super fit. Who knew, right? I can't respond to the review because I haven't seen the movie, but I think the author kind of didn't get it. I read a good interview with Schumer in Vanity Fair, and the movie's about self esteem, not beauty. But whatevs.
And Lissa, thank you @8.
Oh boo hoo
The reviewer went into the film down on herself and came out down on herself.

Clearly the reviewer has bought all the dysfunctional stereotypes about women that were being satirized in the film, then applied them to herself (again), and judged herself harshly (again). Then she blamed and dissed the film and Any Shumer for her harsh self-judgement.

Why are Seattlites often so devoid of a sense of humor, satire, irony, or wit?