Why is everyone referencing kidney stones for this movie? It's such a strange coincidence.

That comparison to Tokka from the TMNT II was pretty fair. I hadn't thought of that, but yeah, I see it.
Jesus. This has got to be paid content. There is no escape from these fucking movies.

Even god damned NPR has run a half dozen “news” items in this dumb superhero movie.

Sure. Like what you like. I like B movies as much as anyone. But the obscene amount of media hype has become omnipresent pollution at this point. It’s just shoved down our throats.

No matter where my eyes rest there is some gaudy breathless fan-boy advertisement for what was already a foregone mega-hit. Can we give it a rest and maybe promote shit that actually needs the promotion?

No. The dumbshits won. And now everything is regurgitated lowest common denominator corporate tripe - and insufferable.

I know I’m fighting a losing battle here. A crazy old man waving his cane at the teenagers. But god damn. There is no refuge this garbage blockbuster bullshit anymore. Even the fucking so-called Alternative Press isn’t alternative anymore.
I will wave a cane too. I watched one of these superhero movies on an airplane once, and it was a waste of time. I wished I had just sat there watching the flight attendants hand people drinks.
@2: It has also become painfully obvious that they are all just using the same PR template that Disney sent over for the opening paragraphs.

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