Damn, I really need to watch the calendar for Central Cinema more closely. I would have liked to have caught this (as much as I like The Matrix, it is absolutely rife for mockery), but I have too much going on this week to make time for it now.

I am curious to your quick opinion of the Animatrix, Mudede. I personally think some of it - especially the two clips you included - is superior to the original film.


I really liked Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix" and couldn't figure out why for the longest time since I think his acting sucks in most* other films.

Then I realized he's got almost no dialogue in The Matrix other than questions and expressions of surprise and confusion. "huh?" "what do you mean?" "I don't understand." "That can't be!" and it all fell into place. He's at his best when he's playing the confused and spacey characters. He was completely out-acted by his colleagues in films like "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and "Point Break." He just doesn't pass in a serious role.

*I also loved Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, but I think that also falls into the category of confused and spacey characters.


@1 Agree, particularly when compared to the second and third movies. "Matriculated" FTW


Varoufakis!--an intellect of Mudede's caliber. What a great read, his post.


@2 Exactly right! That's what made the John Wick movies so good - all action, no talk. His best line was "Do I look civilized to you?"

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