Have you ever watched a John Waters film and thought: “I wish this had more of a porn vibe”? If so, the films of Bruce LaBruce may be your style.

The Canadian director is something of an underground cinema icon, focusing his camera on subjects that are generally relegated to fetish films—like stylized lust between people wearing Nazi uniforms, or stylized lust between hot young street hustlers. That sort of stuff! There are a lot of dry humps. (I know what you’re thinking: “John Waters films already have plenty of dry humps.” But I’m talking to those of you who want more dry humps. You. This could be for you.)

The Misandrists—which features stylized lust between radical feminists at a German boarding school—has a more polished feel than LaBruce’s previous films, which may be contributing to its wider release.

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But despite playing in more theaters, it’s still the sort of movie you watch with your friends to have in-joke laughs about lesbian feminist culture. While there are some wonderful, ridiculous lines (“Two cocks! And a cop! In the house! This is insupportable!” someone shouts, before fainting dramatically), The Misandrists’ humor is a little dry in places.

Even in 2018, a lot of people are still very confused about feminism; I wonder if every viewer will understand that the film’s unique tone is offered in the spirit of affection, rather than contempt, for radical feminism. recommended