THANK YOU, Charles dear. I am in complete agreement with you. Whitney Houston always left me cold, and her rendition of "I Will Always Love You" was just show-off. No one can do that song like Dolly, but Whitney wasn't even trying.


At first I thought you were planning to blather on, but you made compelling points, sir.


What an excellent article! Thank you!


This is something I have never said before and will probably never say again about your music criticism:

Spot fucking on.


Madonna was right.


"Hate" to say it but I love this song (not the one this post is about). When driving cross country I would pop this tape in before I would get into any big city and enjoy the urban drive. Over and over.

Look, I was a "punk" and I loved listening to Houston while driving as a kid. My ears perk up when I hear her. Yes, I do not know why. Maybe it's just the tones and chords?


And Jermaine Jackson probably too I guess, come to think of it now that I listen again. So Charles is right.


Goddamnit Charles, you've done it again. Excellent work.


You nailed it..


Your summations are unnecessary, crude, unoriginal rehashments of a splendidly gifted American tragedy. We’ve heard these criticisms. Why again? Why now?
Whitney and Dolly are both my queens. And they both have marvelous & unique versions of a beautiful song. Get your facts straight, too. The majority of the money goes to the songwriter. Don’t get it twisted; Whitney made way more money for Dolly off of that song than she did herself.
To fault someone so preternaturally talented for expressing her magical gifts to the world is shameful and irresponsible. So many people merely “took” from her & all she offered the world.
Whitney Houston has the most beautiful voice of all time, and now you’re trying to fault her for THAT? JESUS! Hasn’t she suffered enough? Hasn’t her legacy been bastardized enough? So what if she has legions of poor imitators. She is forever THE. VOICE.
Who in the fresh fuck are YOU to wedge a knife in deeper. Let that BEAUTIFUL & gifted woman rest in peace.


*Also, feel free to research Ms. Parton’s gracious compliments about Ms. Houston’s version. That would be the responsible thing to do.


Dear Mudede! You've had a banner day, Sir. Fine stuff and so enjoyable. Ta much.


Ok, I'm gonna nitpick the Bateman thing: the joke about all his musical analysis is that it makes no sense because he's just parroting other things that he hears from other critics in order to sound smart and he doesn't personally really enjoy anything about the music. It's part of the whole "there's nothing there" theme of who he is.

I do have to agree that while I would love listening to Whitney's version if I didn't speak English, her voice is a little too strong for the subject matter.


This is a one sided and clearly biased article. You seem to be completely deaf to the subtleties and tenderness of the verses of that song.
Sure, you are entitled to your opinion but Whitney sang that song so beautifully and I find her version moving. Dolly's is quaint and vulnerable. Whitney's starts vulnerable but she gains control and is sure in her resolve (or appears to be). Her big chorus peaks and breaks as her vocals soar, as if she was escaping the reality of what was happening in front of her. There is complexity in the way she expressed that song and that is why it made such a huge impact.
I have seen her sing that song live and it is amazing. I appreciate Dolly's version but not at the detriment of Whitney's. This article is completely unnecessary and close minded.
Her technique is used to express her emotions how she wants. Her version is amazing in its own right. You don't have to bring hers down to. Lift Dolly's up. They are both valid for the people who love and relate to them.


Oh, screw both of them. My favorite version is by Linda Ronstadt.


Linda Ronstadt! She's Joan Jett's The Monkeys .... Not not talented though, and beautiful ...

Who knew that shitting on Whitney Houston makes one popular? How delightfully contrary to the popular notion of her! It must indicate that the critical individual is a mind more special than the herds', and perhaps if trumpeted with enough contempt at the right time and place at high school, an unconventionally pretty girl in chunky glasses might overhear and decide she wants to touch it!

Let me give it a try. The crowd thinks Whitney Houston was amazing at smoking crack, but really she had no subtlety, horfing it down like an 8lbs hotel vacuum in a 240v socket. But Amy Winehouse though, she smoked her crack with soul and panache.

Did it work? Clara T finally gonna get lucky?


Even Dolly Parton thanks Whitney for singing her song!!!! Best rendition ever! You can not take away Whitney's gift/voice no matter how you dissect it. God gave her that talent!


The best thing that ever happened to Dolly's IWALY song was Whitney's magical voice. The beautiful lyrics went under appreciated until "The Voice" sang it and even Dolly and her bank account said so. The fact that u enjoy the more fragile version (which was also excellent) is simply a matter of taste which is decidedly less popular and may explain why ur are a blog writer and not Clive Davis. Your desire to complain about Whitney's FORCE which is unmatched served nothing but to trap viewers into the clickbait this was obviously meant to be. Enjoy your coins and don't forget to thank Whitney's FORCE for them.


Thank you. I always thought Whitney's version sounded like she was singing AT someone, rather than singing TO them.


I like them both, but they convey different meanings, and I would agree with Charles.


@16, I prefer Ronstadt's version of the song. I don't give a shit what you think of her. Parton's a phenomenal songwriter, but has a truly irritating singing voice (like fingernails on a blackboard to me). I can't stand to listen to her sing. And Houston overpowers the song just as Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion do with everything they sing. She tries to turn it into a Gospel anthem and that doesn't work for what's really just another "cryin' in your beer" country western tune.


SMH Mr.Charles,
Both Dolly and Whitney singed that song beautifully!!! Of course they are both different Nationality. So they gone to sing it different. I agree with a lot of people on here that doesn't agree with you. Like so many different Artists remake other Artists songs into their own. Whitney did not ruin that song. Dolly did Praise Whitney for that remake!!! Enough is Enough! Let Whitney REST! No one walked in her shoes, but her. Only God and Whitney knows. Just let her have Peace.💞


Melissa D: WTF are you talking about "different nationalities?" They're both American.



Whitney Houston at her prime had one of the richest,most feminine and powerful voices of all time!She even sang opera ''La donna imobile'' with Pavarotti and he said that she could be a great opera singer! I've been to Dolly Parton's concert and she is one of the worst singers i've heard, she can't hold a note live and her girlish voice is absolutely ridiculous! So there are two options for you- first you are just a racist or you are tone deaf!




Purrls Excuse me but there are two options about you:first completely tone deaf and second racist! I really doubt that Linda with her ridiculous girlish and awful voice could sing ''La donna imobille'' with Luciano Pavarotti like Whitney did it great.


pdp really great article yo compare great feminine,powerful and rich voice(Whitney Houston who even sang opera with Pavarotti) with drunk goat(Dolly Parton)!


Clara T Amy Winehouse has always sounded like she has smoked 5 packs cigarettes, don't compare her with Whitney at her prime!!!


moldee raspberry Excellent work that this tone deaf guy compare one of the greatest singers of all time(Whitney Houston of course) with one of the worst singers of all time(Dolly Parton of course)!!!


LukeJosef Who cares about Madonna, she is one of the worst female singer ever, even Britney slays her! Oldonna has always been jealous on Whitney,Mariah,Celine,Aretha and Tina-people who are actually talented!!!


Catalina Vel-Duray You waste all of your time since 2009 writing stupid things? Your life is sad!


Charles Let me tell you that you know absolutely nothing about music, you are a musician ignorant! If you ask 5000 true musicians,i've told with thousands older and mature singers who are famous in their own countries like Bulgaria,Greece,Serbia,Austria and even Africa,Israel and India... and all of them told me that Whitney had one of the greatest voices ever!

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