so what is a person supposed to get out of a line like this?

"Would a man have done the same? Possibly, but he would've also had more choices. Prince-Bythewood says there was nothing else that she wanted to do."

What is that supposed to mean? He could have been a pipe fitter if he didn't want to be a film maker? Making a living in the arts is hitting the lottery. And getting people to give you money to make that art is hitting it twice.


@1 benjaminP: Please read Kathy's article again. You're among others missing the big picture. HALF the world's human population is not getting the same opportunities because of our biological sex. That is gender discrimination and it is WRONG.
Now flip it over. What if you, a man, were barred from aspiring to do something you had a burning desire to do---say, in acting or singing professionally because you weren't born female?


@2 Thanks! I just don't think many men would even think to write an impassioned letter to an institution that rejected them. Gina Prince-Bythewood is also a woman of color and a mother. Statistically speaking, the odds were stacked against her, but she didn't let that stop her, and she's known for helping out other female directors when she can (this is mentioned in the film by both Kasi Lemmons and Ava DuVernay).


@3 Kathy Fennessey: You're welcome, and thank you, too. for responding. I am a musician and composer looking to get into the film and television industry. I am Gulf War veteran, have a BA degree in Music, recently completed a VA sponsored certificate program for scoring and arranging for film and television, and mm now networking. It is quite an uphill climb for me.
May I ask you some questions? As a director, what are you looking for in music for your feature films? Would you be interested in receiving mp3 samples if we exchanged email addresses?

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