Based on a true story, the latest from David Lowery (Aint Them Bodies Saints, A Ghost Story, and 2016’s under-appreciated Pete’s Dragon) reteams the filmmaker with Robert Redford, who plays Forrest Tucker, the charming, handsome leader of a trio of geriatric bank robbers.

Forrest’s partners in crime are Teddy (Danny Glover) and Waller (a fantastic Tom Waits); meanwhile, middle-aged cop John Hunt (Casey Affleck) tries to chase Forrest down as Jewel (Sissy Spacek) tries to figure out why her charming, handsome new boyfriend won’t tell her what he does for a living.

Like one of Forrest’s disarmingly polite robberies, The Old Man & the Gun starts out pleasant and sweet before revealing hints of darkness—each of these characters is deeper than they first appear, and one’s never quite sure what any of them are going to do next.

Lowery is happy to tag along, capturing lives that are polished by time and dented by experience, but remain bright and sharp with wit and passion. Watching Redford have this much fun is, as always, a goddamn delight. recommended