Bosom. Bosoms would be multiple womens' chests. Unless Heard has more than one chest.


It's okay if you pronounce it "bazooms".


I read the book about a million years ago on the recommendation of a review in, I think, The New Yorker. Found it too self-indulgent, or maybe I just missed the Martin Amis train. As I recall Mr. Amis would be thrilled with a film about knockers.


the book was a bit confusing at times but worth the effort, I can't imagine how a film adaptation would in any sense be the same story. we really can't compare a book to a film, haven't we learned this by now?


Explosively horrible shit---Martin Amis just explained Trump's illegal occupation of the White House. I'm surprised the Rapist in Chief isn't starring in this.


It's truly tragic how Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) spreads into, and infects, every segment of its host's brain, until it has completely taken it over, consuming it, until every waking thought, conscious and subconscious, and every fever dream, is centered and focused on Donald J Trump and only Donald J Trump to the exclusion of all else. Such a sad and strange kind of madness.

Case in point: See @6

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