Six Ways to Die in the West in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The Coen Brothers’ western anthology film is both confounding and profound.



Loved it and everything else the Coen's throw at us. Please note that it looks absolutely stunning in UHD 4K. On Netflix it costs a little more per month for 4K but it's worth it, they have lots of UHD content. Amazon there is no extra charge for 4K.


A good day for movies. I could post the same comment to multiple threads:

I will see any movie by these directors:
1. John Waters
2. The Coen Brothers
3. Quentin Tarantino


Alfonso Cuarón's Roma will stream on Netflix despite many Countries cinemas theatrical window ban. It streams Dec 14th.


Coens make great movies that are always visually stunning. But I question why the Liam Nieson segment was ever filmed at all, by anyone.


I really hope Charles does a write up on this movie. (No offense, Ned, this was a good write up, but Charles will go in a completely different direction).

I found it good and I'm not a huge fan on the Coen's style (though I recognize they are very, very good).


Loved it!


Best movie of the year. So fucking original! Man, for two Jewish boys from Minnesota, they sure have a grasp of the American West old and new. But then Bob Dylan was a Jewish boy from Minnesota, too, and shared an uncharacteristic interest in things beyond his world. I'm just glad we have the Coen Brothers to look forward to. There's so much mediocre crap out there that Hollywood tries to hide behind a $100M budget.