The RBG Biopic On the Basis of Sex Isn’t Great, Even Though They Put “Sex” in the Title and Everything



I liked that documentary as well. Thanks for setting my expectations low for this movie (I'll probably enjoy it more as a result). It also seems less than ideal for this time (for the reasons you mentioned). Maybe forty years from now, it would make sense, when a lot of people are focused on other things (like President Bieber). The movie about Thurgood Marshall (one I enjoyed) was timed well, in my opinion. I think movies about Earl Warren, William O. Douglas, or William Brennan would all be very interesting to see right now.


The word "freedom" wasn't in the constitution as ratified (it's in an amendment) so it's a bit of a tricky loophole.

I assume that the point was to emphasize the constitution as a living document, but it seems like the rest of the argument got cut for effect.


Assignment for Elinor: Learn the difference between the original constitution and the Bill of Rights.


Based on what she herself endured, it seems rather hypocritical that...ever since Justice Ginsberg has been on the Supreme Court...she has consistently ruled that it is OK to discriminate against people based on gender or race.
I guess she just figures that...while equal treatment is right for ME...for other people, it's going to be some are "more equal" than others.