The most dangerous people in the world are those you are inclined to trust.


Hollywood is Hollywood, Nathalie. What do you expect?

No need to pout about the lack of PC nuances. Just make the popcorn.


I assume that the point is to explain how he got away with it for so long. And maybe re-watch the trailer -- there's a lot about all the creepy awful murder in the background.


For so long gay people couldn't get married, but someone like Ted Bundy could and did while in prison. On the plus side, he got exactly what he deserved.


"Look, I don't know anything... but I'm probably right."

Thank you for summing up the entire internet / social media so succinctly.

THIS is why we live in world where Trump can be president.


And Uhmm... I just watched the preview. And now I'm very concerned by what you apparently consider sexy... Seemed like a movie about a creepy ass psychopath to me.

But to each their own I guess.


If they’re going to turn it into a movie it seems they’d be more sensitive to its tone. Someone at the studio has a screw loose. We should’t be propping these killers up.


dexter, american psycho, Natural Brn Killers...all sexy psycho killer movies that do the same.


@9 Shea Tau: Thank you. For anyone to make Ted Bundy's life story into a comedy is beyond sick.

Nathalie---really. I find your comic fixation on Ted Bundy both tasteless and worrisome. Get some help.


@7: That's why I avoid Twitter and Fox TV.


Ted bundy was an attractive, charming guy. It’s a huge part of his “success”, both as a serial killer and as a pop media figure. It’s probably difficult to portray a character that complex in a 90 second clip. Wait for the feature length before passing judgement.


@7: You do know Twitter depends on whom you follow, so it can be totally innocuous and apolitical, like following @MarthaStewart.


as stated in comment 4, it is exactly the point, his friends and church neighbors rallied around his charisma, people did not believe he was guilty because he was just so good looking, charming, and had ‘that’ certain way about him. a film from the perspective of the woman that was very close and actually did turn him in because she was like, crap, that IS the Ted in my bed just might be comedy gold, you know, if so many young women didn’t get brutally murdered.
i actually wasn’t seeing much of a comedic treatment in the trailer?


2CV @10 - "dexter, american psycho, Natural Brn Killers...all sexy psycho killer movies that do the same" and all, crucially, fictional.


someone's gotta crush on Zak Efron, or is it Ted Bundy???


The main picture for this article is from the MTV movie awards, which is kind of misleading. Making a pre-judgement on someone's performance (which you haven't seen yet) based upon the fact that they have really good abs seems like unsavory territory. Part of Ted Bundy's story is that he came off as charming and harmless plus he was attractive. For all you know the movie might overtly sexualize him just to make the point that evil has no set form. Listen, you do you, but it's because of people like Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, and Scott Peterson that I know to really enforce to my daughter that not all bad men look like Harvey Weinstein.


It seems likely that the movie is at least partly about the way the society romanticizes serial killers, and the fact that women seem to love them, despite what they've done. Bundy got married while on Death Row, and had a child with the woman who married him. Perhaps Berlinger is examining that phenomenon. Usually, waiting to see a film is the best way to discover what it's about. The subtext, I mean.

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