"Theron destroys as a secretary of state and presidential hopeful"

In my sleepiness I read that as "Thanos destroys as a secretary of state and presidential hopeful".

And I'm not even an Avengers fan.


Elinor, It's weird you recommend something you describe as a sappy and tepid chick flick.


" Not only does it make no sense (she would never!) it’s a terrible message to send—again!—to the lazy Seth Rogen wannabes of America, with their cargo pants and weed and neckbeards."

So mean, haha. In real life of course, he's married to someone hotter than Charlize Theron. (Not a knock on Theron)

So maybe the message is, be talented, funny, and rich, and you can date who you want? Doesn't sound like such a bad message...

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