Did the Iron Throne even survive for someone to sit on? Could the series end with the last two claimants to the throne killing each other, and leading to the one man who has not sought the throne, but has shown an ability to rule, sitting on it? Or will the writers fuck it up, and give us another lame result?


Clegane Bowl had no stakes. No matter what happened, they wewre both going to die as the tower fell. OK, cool, The Hound pushed him instead of letting nature take it's course. Good for him?

Dany's flip of the switch (something even her father never did - he descended into paranoia and madness over time) was bad. We are lead to believe the BELLS triggered her rage at the powerless civilians of King's Landing? Ironically, the wildfire was an afterthought compared to the carnage Drogon wrought. Jamie Lannister would have saved more lives by letting Aerys live all along.

Also, Jamie rides north, fucks Brienne, then says "I'm still that dude who likes to kick kids out of windows (there goes your heart, out the window. Probably crippled for life) and fuck my sister. Peace", gets back to Cersei and... "it's OK we can die together". His entire character, from Season 1 Episode 2 onward, has been a complete headfake.


Depends on which spinoffs GoT greenlit.

That will determine the final episode.

Best comment I've read: Jon should have gone down on Dany, this is all his fault.


@Jasmyne, in re. Varys seeming foolish to remain in Dragonstone after learning the truth -- I think he stuck around for a reason, specifically to oversee an attempt to poison Dany. In his early exchange with one of his little birds, the little girl tells him "she won't eat", and he replies with something like "we'll try again at supper" and then reminds her that there's a great reward for whatever risk it is they're taking.


Carping over Varys' death: did you forget Cercei's line about what happens when you play the game of thrones? Varys had been playing it far longer than anyone else. He went out dignified and with his honor intact; turns out he really did have only the best interests of the realm at heart. I certainly didn't expect that.

Eric @4 has a very good point him, and it explains perfectly what Varys was up to. Until that last line in the scene - about risks - it could be interpreted that they were talking about keeping Dany fed as she grieved. But not after that line.

Suzette makes a very good point about how Jon could have shut his eyes and thought of Ygritte to make Dany feel less isolated. For all we know, she's pregnant already from their sex cruise up to the Wall, and he's certainly not going to let that kid grow up a bastard.

Ugh, are they seriously working on a prequel to show us Robert's Rebellion? I had hoped that they'd go waaayyy back, and do the Age of Heroes instead. It'd be more expensive, but to do a direct prequel... well, we already know how those ALWAYS turn out. (Star Wars Episodes I-III, Caprica, Oz the Great and Powerful, the Scorpion King, Dumb and Dumberer [OK, we all knew this would be garbage], the Hobbit, Star Trek Enterprise, Star Trek Discovery, Prometheus...)

I still hold out hope that the books - whenever GRRM finally fucking finishes them, or more likely when Brandon Sanderson finishes it for him just as he did for Robert Jordan - will be enjoyable enough to read, and deviate enough from the show that it will make sense.


@5 the prequel is set during the Long Night, thousands of years in the past.

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