Climate Change itself will cost an additional $1 TRILLION (that's $1,000,000,000,000.00 for you in Red States) in damages to the US economy each year.

It's way cheaper to fix that, spending only 10 percent of that cost on solar wind minihydro and geothermal, than to accept those massive losses. And stop subsidizing mansions by the beach, which won't be there by the time the mortgage is paid.

But the chief takeaway from the image is that Dark Angel was a bike courier, riding a bicycle. Bikes are our future, fossil fuel infrastructure like cars trucks and motorcycles either adapt to become ecars, etrucks, and ecycles or they die. It's already happening in Norway, BC, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Better to turn seaweed and blue green algae that store carbon from the ocean into lubricant oils and edible food, actually.


Thatโ€™s a great photo, Chas. Worthy of the ramble.


The Honda Grom (pictured above) gets about 150 MPG, is fast enough for most Seattle commuting and does wheelies. Are we totally sure the future of urban transportation should not in fact be "everyone gets a Grom?"

(There are similarly stupid-fun electric bikes that would work too, but they're currently expensive and heavy.)


Seattle is like a city from Fallout that was like 65% successful in rebuilding after the blast.

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