Deadpan Undead in Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die



'Plots' are Over-rated and Jarmusch ROCKS.
See also: Night on Earth
or Deadman.

Thnx, Erik!


With Bill Murray as one of the stars, you don't need much of a script, if the rest of the cast will follow his lead. After all, he ad-libed one of the most iconic scenes in modern comedy.

God, I would love it if every big name in Hollywood decided they needed to grab some good comic, and make a zombie movie with a cameo of all of their friends. Who doesn't want to see a zombie Cheach and Chong force there way through a crowd of living humans to get to the chips and other munchies at a 7-11?


His vampires were fucking good. I just say "no" to zombies, but might make an exception for this.


Thanks for this--saw a sneak preview, & our parting gift was the Simpson CD. Now we all have a musical score for our lives.
That's perfect.


The way Adam Driver says “Ghouls!” In the trailer cracks me up. Every. Time.