The Beacon, a New Single-Screen Movie Theater, Is Coming to Columbia City

It opens July 19, and the first week of screenings are free.



Jasmayne, you've left out the most crucial piece of information: will they serve alcohol?? Also, would be curious to get a take from the folks over at Ark Lodge on this new would-be competitor for Columbia City movie money.


Very cool. The theater business is tough, wish them all the luck.


@schmacky It seems like this would be completely different audiences from most of Ark Lodge’s mainstream fare. The Beacon seems like it may be more arthouse and retrospective.


Question: why didn’t they just take over one of the Landmark properties?


@4 If a chain like Landmark couldn't afford to stay in the property, I doubt a little art house theater could make it work, especially on a lease signed in 2019.


@1 and @3 - they are serving alcohol! wine and beer, from what i've heard.