Film/TV Aug 23, 2019 at 4:45 pm

Montgomery Clift Loved Dudes, Damnit!



As someone who remains a fan of the beautiful, sensitive man Montgomery Clift, I am so happy that he is being rediscovered. He was a marvelous actor and I was able to view many of the films he starred in the late 40s and 50s. There has been no one like him.

I also loved another beautiful actor that remains alive today. Kim Novak, who was the most popular hollywood star in the late 1950s. She hasn’t been given the credit she deserves as a fine artist and a woman who stood up for herself and against racism during those bigoted times.


Montgomery Clift was the sexiest priest EVER in Alfred Hitchcock's 1953 film, "I Confess". WOW. Also catch Clift in The Misfits, from 1961 with Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable (their last film).

@2: Actually, Kenny, it is the NRA gun crazed, racist Trump regime that is presently leading an alarming number of impressionable young people astray than any classic film(s) ever would, banned by RepubliKKKans or otherwise. Seriously, take off that ridiculous MAGA cap before you lose all your remaining brain tissue.


Stop. Think. What all is on streaming services already? There's plenty of LGBTQ+ content all over all of them already. The more likely reason that these particular documentaries aren't streaming already has little to nothing to do with content, because there's plenty of similar content available, so there must be some other reason that isn't related to that.
Again, THINK.


Fun fact about Montgomery Clift: His great-grandfather, Montgomery Blair, was appointed Postmaster General by Abraham Lincoln. His innovations included mail transport by train, standardized postage rates and the postal money order.

Monty Blair was the third owner of what is now known as Blair House, the Presidential guest house across from the White House. He was also Dred Scott's attorney in the Supreme Court case which — six years before the Emancipation Proclamation — found those of African descent ineligible for US citizenship.

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