John Wick is Zaddy and now you can watch all three of his films at The Beacon.
John Wick is Zaddy and now you can watch all three of his films at The Beacon. Courtesy of The Beacon/Summit Entertainment

There's an excellent block of programming coming to The Beacon this month. I'm actually giddy at the curation; class war comedies, masterclass action flicks, a whole weekend stuffed with Joe Swanberg's mumblecore movies. The cinema—which opened just last month in Columbia City—is bringing three new programs to the lineup this month. Plus, they've added a new Sunday series of anime to their roster. It's a veritable fuck ton of films worth watching, but here are three movies from each program that I'm most keen to see.

Nine to Five

Sun, Sept 1-Mon, Sept 2

Listen, I know I'm an uncultured piece of trash for never having seen Nine to Five, so I'm happy that The Beacon is screening this Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda picture. God, even the trailer is a work of art. Fuck shitty, exploitative male bosses!

I remember watching Dredd in high school or college and wondering why the film didn't blow up. The visual effects are stunning (especially the scenes depicting the high of the addictive drug Slo-Mo), the film's apocalyptic vision of the future is refreshing and depressing, the action scenes tense and riveting, and both Lena Headey and Karl Urban give fantastic, gritty performances. It's all there. I'm really pleased to see this as part of their lineup.

Silver Bullets

Fri, Sept 20

In the last weekend of September, the cinema will be celebrating the work of label FACTORY 25, featuring special guest, director Joe Swanberg (whom you might recognize from his Netflix comedy-drama Easy). I've been trying to watch Silver Bullets—a film about an increasingly jealous and surreal relationship between an actress and her director boyfriend—for a while now. The Beacon is offering up a $50 full weekend pass to all ten FACTORY 25 screenings, if your heart so desires. Get to it!

BONUS: Their new anime series, ANIME SUNRISE, happens every Sunday and will be screening Penguin's Memory on September 22. It's described on their website like this: "The pure magic of achieving the emotional heights of Paris, Texas using only animated Japanese beer mascots." This looks like some heavy shit for penguins to be into.

Check out the full roster of programming here.